Pedestrians! Go, go, go

Pedestrians! Go, go, go

February 12, 2020 News

Being a pedestrian is a powerful thing. Walking changes the face of communities, saves money and time, increases productivity and public safety.

Walking – something so simple yet so effective and an act many of us do several times over the course of the day. We’re all walking somewhere at one point or another without giving it much thought. This makes walking the most accessible “active” mode of transport available. It’s literally at the tips of our toes!

The health benefits of walking are numerous, from the famous “walk 30 minutes a day” to prevent a sedentary lifestyle and reduce risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, to improving the air quality in your community by lessening air and noise pollution through reduced car use and traffic congestion. There are no downsides to when it comes to using your legs to get from A to B!

PAF is planning a collaboration with the Gabriel Caruana Foundation on pedestrian rights. Stay tuned for more!