PAF at the Malta Sustainability Forum

PAF at the Malta Sustainability Forum

November 24, 2019 News

PAF had the pleasure to present PAF and one of its projects: GreenTrips at the Malta Sustainability Forum of APS.

We were part of the “Changing Minds, not the climate” panel, allowing us to present our initiative to reward sustainable mobility behaviour.

With a strong focus on the implementability of the Sustainable Development Goals the forum offered insights into a wide variety of national and international projects aiming to increase sustainability. As part of the forum participants and the interested public were able to “pledge” how they will improve their daily life towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The manifesto was signed by a total of 243 up to date. At the time of the event, 89 people from 236 who signed the manifesto chose the particular pledge to “Reduce the impact of my travel by switching to public or alternative transport at least one day per week”

PAF and partners were profiled for the implementation of GreenTrips after the event in the Times of Malta leading to a spike in numbers of participants. Further to presenting our project, we talked about Multi-modality as an opportunity in Malta. Malta today is facing problems with high traffic volume, deteriorating environmental conditions and public health concerns. Multi-modal transportation improves this, but what does that mean for the everyday life in Malta?

Our cherished collaborator Maria Attard, spoke about The Right to the Road at the same event during the panel on Implementing community change, highlighting the cross-sectoral importance of sustainable mobility.

Find our full presentation here.