ĊINE’AMBJENT #2 — Transport and Sustainable Mobility

ĊINE’AMBJENT #2 — Transport and Sustainable Mobility

September 3, 2019 News

PAF will join host Friends of the Earth Malta for an evening of movie and discussion around transport and sustainable mobility.

Having to face gridlock on a daily basis is taxing not only on the environment but also on our physical and mental health. Mobility is a necessity since we all need access to education, work, healthcare, goods and services. We should therefore look at designing a transport system that provides equitable, affordable and efficient mobility options. Despite the obvious need to move away from car-dependent transport, current infrastructural choices are jarring, with headlines notifying the public of constant road widening projects.

For the second session of the film club, we will be screening Bikes vs Cars, a documentary that travels around different cities and tells the story of how some municipalities were able to create a transport model that serves people’s needs while others are still struggling.


1st of March, 18.30

British Legion, Valetta

Tickets: https://foemalta.org/event/cineambjent2/