About PAF

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About Project Aegle Foundation

Project Aegle Foundation (PAF) is a sustainable mobility NGO founded by a group of forward thinking individuals in the mobility sector. Founded in 2016, it became a registered foundation and voluntary organisation in 2018. Its operations are supported at arms length by the Debono Group.

Our vision of what PAF is as an organisation can be summarised as follows:

PAF will lead the non-profit transport sector by implementing research, innovative and scalable pilot projects, motivate behaviour change and by using our learning and experience to influence policy and practice.

To turn this vision into a reality PAF will work on the following pillars: Research, Pilot Projects, Behaviour Change Campaigns and Advocacy

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Project Aegle


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PAF’s mission is to advance sustainable mobility solutions improving Malta’s traffic situation, thereby enhancing quality of life and environmental conditions for the Maltese population. We are regularly looking for meaningful partnerships to implement sustainable mobility programming and research in Malta. 

Project Aegle Foundation was named after a figure in Greek mythology, whose name is said to be derived from  “Αἴγλη” (“Aegle”), meaning “Brightness,” or “Splendor,” from the beauty of the human body when in good health, as mobility done right leads to healthier environments and people.

PAF is affiliated with the Debono Group at arms lengths, which supports its staffing and operation. However there is a mix of collaborators hailing from different backgrounds such as academia and business driving much of the foundations programming. The foundation seeks to include the ideas and solutions of people from civil society at large, by seeking diverse opinions and thoughts about mobility and transportation, using those to advocate for sustainable mobility.

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Our Activities:




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are clustered around the following pillars:

  • Research – of issues and sustainable solutions
  • Pilot projects – PAF works on innovative ideas 
  • Behaviour Change – social change accompanying technical solutions
  • Advocacy – for sustainable mobility solutions

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Our Focus:




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is that Malta’s collective use of public spaces is improved, ensuring accessible and sustainable multimodal mobility. 

A sustainable mobility system is one that:

Allows the basic access needs of individuals and societies to be met safely and in a manner consistent with human and ecosystem health, and with equity within and between generations.

Is affordable, operates efficiently, offers choice of transport mode, and supports a vibrant economy.

Limits emissions and waste within the planet’s ability to absorb them.

We approach sustainable mobility as a network of travelers, services, and environments— rather than just vehicles and roads.

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Some of the work carried out by PAF includes:




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  • Support the creation of liveable urban spaces by fostering the use of sustainable mobility options, responding to real mobility needs

  • Promote the use and development of user-centric and data-driven mobility services and products

  • Stimulate behavioural change through advocacy and stakeholder engagement via education and behaviour change campaigns. One core behaviour PAF promotes is the modal shift away from the use of the car for short distances towards active modes of transport, such as walking and cycling


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